How To: Sharpen Make-up Pencils

11 Dec

Hello! This is just a brief tutorial on how to properly sharpen your pencils. This is for people who live in warmer/more humid climate. Our pencils are usually waxy or crayon-y, or doughy or sometimes chalky, right? With our hot and humid climate, the quality seems to be softer and in fact sometimes too soft that it kind of melts when you glide it on. When it is in this kind of condition, it is really hard to sharpen it. It gets messy and it doesn’t really sharpen well. Here’s what you can do:

1. Get your sharpeners, make sure they are clean!

2. Get your pencils all clean and ready.

3. You’ll need a Ziploc and a sheet of paper towel.

4. Wrap the paper towel around the pencils & put it in the Ziploc

5. Pop it in your fridge!
For waxy/crayon-like and chalky pencils (e.g. lip pencils) = 15-20 minutes
For drier and harder formulas (e.g. eyebrow pencil) = 8-15 minutes

6. Take it out and lay it on top of the paper towel.
This is to prevent the “sweat” from seeping in the wood of our pencils.
Wipe it if need be. You don’t want wet wood –  it might rot.

7. Ready for sharpening!
Tip: Sharpen pencils from light colored to dark.
“Freezing” them will harden the formula, it will make it easier to sharpen.
Plus, it won’t stick to the blades of your sharpeners as much.
When you sharpen from light to dark, you lose risk of transferring colors.

8. Voila! We’re done! ^_^”
Make sure you put the caps back, tight and secure!


Oh! Do not forget to clean your sharpeners every after use. Use cotton buds and non-oil based makeup remover or old toothbrush, soap and warm to hot water for rinsing (so it will soften or melt the debris). Also, make sure the pencils are in the right size for the right hole. Otherwise it will not be as straight thus wasting a lot of product OR you risk your pencils to snap. Another vital tip: NEVER drop your pencils! It will break inside the wand, you’ll wonder why the core keeps falling off when you sharpen!

I hope you learned something from this simple but very helpful tutorial. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me here or on my Facebook page (link on the right side bar).



2 Responses to “How To: Sharpen Make-up Pencils”

  1. Trixie December 31, 2011 at 3:53 pm #

    Awesome tip! I just read this now hihi. Now I won’t have a hard time sharpening my pencils! Thanks, Piks!!! (: xx

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