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My Makeup & Money Attitude (Online Haul)

30 Jan

I have heard, and seen the powers of, Nyx, Mememe and Sleek makeup from various YouTube makeup enthusiasts and beauty gurus for years now. But it is only now I have gotten my hands on some. I have to make it clear here in my blog that although I am now a self-confessed makeup addict (yes, I was only able to admit it to myself just a week ago! In denial much?), I do not buy tons. I am stingy, frugal, and quite frankly, too poor to buy what I want (and because I believe in the law of attraction, this will change starting now! My mantra shall be: I am rich, I can buy what I want! Hehe). Truth be told, I am more of a food junkie than a makeup junkie. I don’t think twice when spending for good food, but with makeup, I hold on to my money tight.

I am also not the type who has a credit card in fear of owing anyone money. Thus, the inability to order anything online for these things has kept me debt free. Although I like it that way, it also has kept me from acquiring makeup sold outside my country. Furthermore, I do not like people ripping me off. Instead of buying from local online sellers who love jacking up prices to their content, I order through family and friends who can ship the goodies via people coming home to Manila. In fact that’s how I got my Urban Decay Naked Palettes (yes, 1 and 2) from the U.S., I was lucky that I knew people who were coming from there. Had I gotten it from local sellers, I would’ve paid like 25%-50% more. No way.

And that is why I am so happy I met Lorraine “Rain” Ang. She sells makeup from UK & US (mostly UK brands) but with prices that are close to their original prices unlike other online local sellers. I met her personally which makes things less scary for me. She is so nice and bubbly and so accommodating. She’s a certified makeup addict too! I placed my orders, paid via GCash (I am more of a GCash kind of girl, hehe), and got the goodies. Actually, no. She’s so fast that I got the goodies before I even made it inside the telecom shop to pay! Can’t wait to buy from her again! Shout out to my sister-in-law who introduced us ^_^

Here are the stuff I got:

I got Mememe’s Angel’s Collection because I am a sucker for highlighters and this collection has two which copied the high-end brand Benefit’s Moon Beam and High Beam. Not only am I stingy, I am also practical. If these are superb dupes, why stop me? Why pay 5x higher? Not to mention, this collection also has 2 cheek/lip tints which also copied Benefit’s famous Benetint and Posietint. Yay? Let’s find out on my next post.

Sleek Makeup brand, another one from United Kingdom like Mememe, is among the favorites of my favorite European YouTube beauty gurus. I have been intrigued by Sleek for quite some time now but was really blown away when Nikkie of NikkieTutorials wore Sleek Pout Paint in Milkshake in one of her videos. I fell in love. I originally wanted Milkshake but it wasn’t on hand so I settled for Peachy Keen. Will share my two cents worth on this baby soon!

Then of course. If I will pop my NYX cherry, I must pop it with the famous Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk. Probably the star of NYX. Lorraine lovingly threw this in for free when she found out I wanted it (it wasn’t in her “On Hand” photo album). I guess I can say it feels good to break my virginity without having to pay for it? Haha. I have my Paul & Joe white pencil, let’s see how NYX takes the cake.



Foundation: Revlon Colorstay + Mememe Moon Beam
Brow bone: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

Cheeks: Mememe Poppy Tint Cheek/Lip Tint
Lips: Sleek Makeup Pout Paint in Peachy Keen
Eyes: Paul & Joe Duo Eye Crayon 02 – Marine (discontinued)
Nails: China Glaze in Devotion

Keep posted for my reviews on my new toys and I will also create looks using them! Have a nice week everyone!



Black Water Dragon Look

22 Jan

KUNG HEI FAT CHOI! Happy Chinese New Year everyone! This year is the year of the Black Water Dragon and they it is a year for transformation and improvement.

I chose blue and black for obvious reasons hehe.

Sometimes it’s just fun playing around with themes! be daring!

(I took the video down because of the poor quality)

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Zooey Deschanel Look

21 Jan

Just the look. Because obviously, in order to become Zooey Deschanel you have to be made out of everything nice and then some.

Here is just an attempt to copy her makeup as seen most of the time. Typically she has nude to white water line, heavy doll lashes, purplish sometimes orangey lower and upper lash lines (i suppose to create shadows and to pop the blue of her eyes) and super rounded contour (on eyes). Sometimes I spot her wearing false bottom lashes, but here I just darkened my lower lashes. On her show New Girl, she wears an awful lot of blush no contours on cheeks and pretty much pinkish lips.

Make sure when lining your eyes the heaviest goes on the middle. Fat line on the top middle and fat dark shadow on the bottom middle. This will create an illusion that the eyes are circular.

Zooey’s look is not complete without her big hair with full bangs AND her super adorable blue eyes (which I just Photoshopped since I’m pregnant, I am refraining from wearing contact lens).

I hope this has been helpful. I am in NO WAY trying to BE Zooey.This is just a look I recreated since, after all, I adore her. Who doesn’t?!

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