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Shu Uemura: Now at Trinoma!

16 Nov

Shu Uemura is now at TRINOMA! visit our temporary location at the Ground Floor of Trinoma Mall (in front of Mary Grace, near Guess)! shop this week, and enjoy the perks of the Trinoma’s Green Light Sale! Avail of 10% discount and exciting promos from Shu Uemura! see you there! — from their Facebook page

It’s just freaky kinda weird that I was wondering when they will be available in Trinoma! Like literally, I was wondering about it a couple of days back!

But together with the MAC stall and the Clinique stall in Trinoma (same area where Shu Uemura just opened), I find it really off that they’re out in the open, a high-traffic area at that. I personally am not comfy buying makeup where random people pass you by. Unlike in the confines of Rustan’s, it’s more quiet and private-ish. MAC told me, I think ooooover a year ago, that their place is just temporary. But alas, they’re still there and looks like they’re planning to turn the lane into a high-end makup lane. Imagine people eating their delectable Mary Grace (oooh one of my fave cafes!) cheese roll and you’re in front of them checking out your faux lashes. Odd. Odd. Odd.

Oh well. Beggars can’t be choosers! So, lucky QC people, you don’t have to go to other cities to get your latest Wong Kar Wai collection!


Turns out, they have BETTER news! (click on image)