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The Pixie Is Here

15 Nov

It has been years since I have been debating whether I should start my own beauty blog or not. I did try in Multiply, but as always, I failed to follow through. That was when I was working as an art director in an advertising agency. So suffice to say, I didn’t have the time to really focus on it.

But now that life has taken a sweet turn, I think I can manage to write at least two entries in a month and that wouldn’t be bad. Right?

I grew up as a tomboy. I have four brothers and no sisters. Most of my friends while growing up were boys, boys, boys. I was a member of my school basketball varsity team. I punched boys, I made fun of girly-girls and didn’t know anything about makeup whatsoever until I was 18. Because that was the time I really fell in love, I was already in college, and I met girl friends who encouraged me to at least shape my brows.

At first I got (stole) my mother’s old and stinky and crumbling makeup. She’s not fond of wearing makeup, thus I believe what I got were her random beauty stuff that belonged to the 80’s. Nevertheless I tried wearing them, wondering why there was a fruit fly following my face (super funky mascara!).

Then I gave birth at such a young age (19, luckily with the love of my life) and life really was a circus back then. Slapping on makeup and taking care of my skin were forgotten. But I had bestfriends who reminded me to keep myself beautiful to keep my man. Sounded odd at first, but reality is, you should really keep your man interested in you character-wise and appearance-wise. Sooner than later, I started to listen.

After a few purchases of cheap local makeup, I started to get into it. Experimenting now and then. With my fair skin, skin care also became really important. So I started to read and read about it, I buy whatever I can afford and it is really a trial and error thing.

I am about to turn 32, nearing what they consider middle-aged and still I am trying out new beauty stuff, discovering new routines, new brands and all that jazz. And I guess it is time I share what I have learned and what I am learning to the world.

Welcome to my blog where I will post my makeup tutorials, my two cents on anything beauty, probably will include some style stuff as well, will review products, will share DIY stuff… and let us see where this will take us.

See you on my next post!

I’ll be working on my youtube videos which will have tutorials and stuff. Subscribe ahead! Click HERE! See you there!