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Valentine’s Day: Ideas for Hair, Makeup, and Outfit

13 Feb


It’s Valentine’s Day!

Sometimes a girl needs a holiday for an excuse to put
a tad more effort on the total look than usual.
It doesn’t matter if you are single, a strong woman is all game!
Especially when it comes to LOVE!

For the face I chose a peachy pink eyeshadow paired with intense almost red corally shade. For depth I added a burgundy/deep plum color on the outer V-shape of the eye, but subtly so. On lips it’s just a soft nude with pink undertone. For the hair it is an updo that is romantic and playful. It is so easy to do! No hair gadgets needed! To switch it into a date night look, the lips is replaced with deep glossy red, the eyes are toned down by adding light-reflective light-colored eyeshadow. Re-line eyes with midnight black but do not go all the way in at the lower water line. Also to add dimension to the face, contour around the face and under the cheekbones. When your hair is twisted and curled all day, when you loosen it up for the night you have instant waves — very Victoria Secret-ish.

It’s so easy to switch from one look after the other!

Note: I am trying out the straight, no arch, thick eyebrow look.
You can do your  eyebrows however you wish.

Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream
Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream
Real Techniques Buffing Brush
Bourjois Healthy Mix Gel Foundation in 51
Nu Colour Concealer in 02
Suesh Eyebrow Brush
In2it Eyebrow Powder Kit
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Sleek Me, Myself & Eye Palette: Simply Red, Pink Beret, and Chris de Burgundy
Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette: Buck, Sin, and Virgin
In2it Waterproof Gel Eyeliner: Brandy
Max Factor Lipstick: Brandy
Real Techniques Stippling Brush
Bobbi Brown Face Powder: Pale Yellow 
Real Techniques Contour Brush
Maybelline Bloom Lip: Pink Blossom
Revlon Lipstick: 613
Nabi Black Eyeliner
Lime Crime Lipstick: Glamour 101
Lime Crime Carousel Gloss: Candy Apple
Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler
Maybelline Mascara: Falsies

Michael Antonio McKay Tigh High Ruching Boots in Gray
Liliana Fergie Bootie Pump in Red
Matthews Shoes PH Oxford Heels with Strap in Old Rose
Tarte (from The Ramp) Stille in White
Girl Shoppe Headband in pink with bow and crystal detail
Anne Klein Women’s Watch Two-Tone 10-7315
Coach Perforated Leather Lexi Bag (RM740) in Light Gray
Handmade Baby Doll Dress (scored at a second hand store)

Real Techniques (superb brushes!!! HIGHLY recommend!!!) I ordered  through
House of Flair

Lime Crime I ordered through:
(The Carousel Gloss only, the Glamour 101 was a gift from Lorraine Ang)
The BalikBayan Box Sale

My SLEEK Palette I ordered through:
Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione



No Photoshop “cosmetic correction” has been done.

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90’s Drew Barrymore Inspired Look

17 Feb

What IS the 1990’s Drew Barrymore look? Generally, the 90’s had a matte monotone look that leaned towards neutral hues such as taupes, browns and to an extent cranberry-ish cheeks and lips. Think Kevyn Aucoin and Bobbi Brown. But Drew had her own signature look. She had the 1920’s-1930’s eyebrows, think Clara Bow. Super thin and round, no evident arch. Quite apart from each other, too. She barely had colors on her lids but had dark brown-red lips that stood out (of course, whilst sporting her signature smirk). She also became the model of GUESS, where she sported pretty much the same look but with sultrier eyes. I recreated the look the best way I know how and with what stuff I have, but I am afraid I can’t bring myself to shave off my eyebrows to make it look like hers. So I guess this is the more up-to-date look of Drew’s 90’s look (which is truly a 20’s flapper inspired look! See? Trends repeat itself!).  Of course it is not much of a Drew Barrymore look without DAISIES. Too bad we don’t have daisies sprouting in our garden!

Céleteque  Facial Moisturizer
L’Oreal True Match in N1 Nude Ivory
Suesh Foundation Brush
Victoria Vogue Wedge Sponge
Nu Colour Concealer in 02
Suesh Eyebrow Brush
Clinique Colour Surge Eye Shadow Trio in 04 Totally Neutral
MUFE Matte Eye Shadow 161 Cinnamon
MUFE Matte Eye Shadow 162 True Brown
Urban Decay Naked2 Crease/Blending Brush
Suesh Angled Blending Brush
Marionnaud No.9 Eye Brush
MAC Gel Eyeliner in BlackTrack
Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler
Cover Girl Lash Blast Black Mascara
Babydoll Mineral Cosmetics “Tickle Me Pink Mineral Blush” in Cinnamon Roll
MAC Loose Powder in NC20
Suesh Powder Brush
Suesh Blush Brush
MUFE Compact Modellers Highlight/Contour Set
Fanny Serrano Lip Pencil in 02
MUFE  Lip Brush
MUFE 5 Lipstick Palette No.2 “Cherry Red Harmony” #421
Avon “Ultra Moisture Rich Lipstick” in M400 Cranberry
Coastal Scents 66 Lip Palette, last one – brown

Like the other .gifs and photos, no Photoshop “cosmetic correction” has been done.

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Valentines Look: Pink and Sweet

14 Feb

Just the right amount of makeup for a date. Not overly done, not seductive.
Just sweet, polished, happy and glowing look.


Smashbox ‘Photo Finish’ Foundation Primer
Revlon ‘Photo Ready” Liquid Foundation in 003
Dollface Cosmetics Stippling Brush
Suesh Concealer Brush
Nu Colour Concealer Cream in 02
Sleek “Pout Paint” in Peachy Keen
Mememe “Beat the Blues” Highlighter in Moonbeam
MAC Tinted Lip Condtioner in Petting Pink
Paul & Joe Eyebrow Pencil Duo #03
Etude House “Easy Brow Pencil” in Gray (it’s in Korean)
Urban Decay “Primer Potion” Original Shade
Urban Decay “Bootycall” from Naked Palette 2
Urban Decay “Naked”, “Buck”, and “Sin” from Naked Palette 1
Wet N’ Wild “Mega Shimmer” Shimmer Dust in 261 Pink Orchid
Suesh Pencil Brush
Urban Decay Naked2 Brush
In2It Gel Eyeliner Pencil in Brown
Mememe Cheek and Lip Tint in Poppy Tint
Bare Naturals Mineral Powder Blush in Bubblegum
Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil
Bare Escentuals Mineral Powder Buffing Brush
Suesh Small Powder Brush
Clinique Shimmering Tones Powder Quad in 01 Golden Bronze
Coastal Scents 66 Lip Color Palette, 2nd Row – Mid Column
Suesh Lip Brushes
NYX Girls Gloss in 11 Strawberry
Fanny Serrano Eyelash Curler
Shu Uemura Black Focal Faux Eyelash
Nails: Orly in “Lola”

This is the first time I listed all the stuff I used. Personally, I don’t like it because it limits the viewers.
They assume they have to use the same thing when that’s clearly not the case.
But in almost all beauty blogs and vlogs they list it down to save themselves the hassle of answering questions regarding what they used.
What do you think? Do I have to list/show them or just describe each (I prefer the latter).
Let me know by commenting below! ^_^

I used the Mememe products I showed in my previous post. This look serves as a demo on how you can use it!
Even the Sleek Pout Paint, it is not just for the lips! Did you see?
I learned that trick from gossmakeupartist. Awesome, yeah?
I used to own a Bobbi Brown Color Corrector (i lost it), so I guess this is a good alternative!

I hope you like this look. Don’t ever think it is only for Valentines!


Zooey Deschanel Look

21 Jan

Just the look. Because obviously, in order to become Zooey Deschanel you have to be made out of everything nice and then some.

Here is just an attempt to copy her makeup as seen most of the time. Typically she has nude to white water line, heavy doll lashes, purplish sometimes orangey lower and upper lash lines (i suppose to create shadows and to pop the blue of her eyes) and super rounded contour (on eyes). Sometimes I spot her wearing false bottom lashes, but here I just darkened my lower lashes. On her show New Girl, she wears an awful lot of blush no contours on cheeks and pretty much pinkish lips.

Make sure when lining your eyes the heaviest goes on the middle. Fat line on the top middle and fat dark shadow on the bottom middle. This will create an illusion that the eyes are circular.

Zooey’s look is not complete without her big hair with full bangs AND her super adorable blue eyes (which I just Photoshopped since I’m pregnant, I am refraining from wearing contact lens).

I hope this has been helpful. I am in NO WAY trying to BE Zooey.This is just a look I recreated since, after all, I adore her. Who doesn’t?!

Spread the pixie dust love!!!



How To: Sharpen Make-up Pencils

11 Dec

Hello! This is just a brief tutorial on how to properly sharpen your pencils. This is for people who live in warmer/more humid climate. Our pencils are usually waxy or crayon-y, or doughy or sometimes chalky, right? With our hot and humid climate, the quality seems to be softer and in fact sometimes too soft that it kind of melts when you glide it on. When it is in this kind of condition, it is really hard to sharpen it. It gets messy and it doesn’t really sharpen well. Here’s what you can do:

1. Get your sharpeners, make sure they are clean!

2. Get your pencils all clean and ready.

3. You’ll need a Ziploc and a sheet of paper towel.

4. Wrap the paper towel around the pencils & put it in the Ziploc

5. Pop it in your fridge!
For waxy/crayon-like and chalky pencils (e.g. lip pencils) = 15-20 minutes
For drier and harder formulas (e.g. eyebrow pencil) = 8-15 minutes

6. Take it out and lay it on top of the paper towel.
This is to prevent the “sweat” from seeping in the wood of our pencils.
Wipe it if need be. You don’t want wet wood –  it might rot.

7. Ready for sharpening!
Tip: Sharpen pencils from light colored to dark.
“Freezing” them will harden the formula, it will make it easier to sharpen.
Plus, it won’t stick to the blades of your sharpeners as much.
When you sharpen from light to dark, you lose risk of transferring colors.

8. Voila! We’re done! ^_^”
Make sure you put the caps back, tight and secure!


Oh! Do not forget to clean your sharpeners every after use. Use cotton buds and non-oil based makeup remover or old toothbrush, soap and warm to hot water for rinsing (so it will soften or melt the debris). Also, make sure the pencils are in the right size for the right hole. Otherwise it will not be as straight thus wasting a lot of product OR you risk your pencils to snap. Another vital tip: NEVER drop your pencils! It will break inside the wand, you’ll wonder why the core keeps falling off when you sharpen!

I hope you learned something from this simple but very helpful tutorial. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me here or on my Facebook page (link on the right side bar).


N̶a̶u̶g̶h̶t̶y̶ Nice Christmas Look

1 Dec

This is the second part of a 2 part Naughty&Nice Makeup Tutorial.

This “nice” look took inspiration from the palette of a cool winter sunset sky. With snowy blue and a wash of pink. Can be paired with your white faux fur coats and silver and diamonds. Kept the eyes round and anime-ish for an innocent look. Did not contour the face for a friendlier more angelic look. I recommend you put fake eyelashes on to define the eyes further.

Wish I had silver snowflake earrings for this and white winter coat, but my country doesn’t have winter so I paired the look with my Barbie-esque accessories, which I admit, made the look Summery. LOL!

I hope you enjoy the look! Subscribe to me on YouTube and show some love by giving thumbs up! Thank you!